Friday, August 20, 2010

Nerd Badge

I wear it proudly. You see, Matt and I decided to ditch the cable box for the Wii box that so ingeniously streams Netflix through my television. After our initial discovery of the library of all the new and old not lost episodes of Doctor Who, it became apparent that the only thing to absorb our viewing pleasure was every episode available of that lovely, science fiction, longest running television show ever, brought to you from the other side of the pond, and arguably one of the best networks ever, the BBC, is this show. It helps that David Tennant is so freaking irresistibly charming. Matt Smith...not so much.

This new obsession fits quite well in influencing the sci-fi manuscript I have labored over for the last 9 months (and still no polished end in sight). The longer I take, the more nerdy, science-fictioney gobbley gook gets dragged in and the more Doctor Who I watch the more convinced I am that I (deep breath) am working on a master piece that will explain to the world why snowboarding, love, and parallel universe jumping go so well together (why the hell else did I spend all that time watching my twenties roll down the slopes of Mt. Baker in a cloud of smoke--it all had to be for something).

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  1. Hey Joelle
    I think the storyline for you SciFi piece sounds great! (SciFi fan) But then I do always tell my students... write what you LOVE!!!

    Cheers - Jana /