Monday, July 19, 2010

Another shade of may-be-abandoned-with-no-notice

Over four years ago what started as a pipe dream grew into a full-blown mission resulting in my husband and me selling our house, uprooting our 3 person family (it is now 4), and moving across the country from Seattle to Brooklyn. Crazy right? Did I mention neither of us had jobs? Yeah. Anyway, we drove across the country in our little VW Golf with a car top carrier packed to the gills, a potty training 2.5 year old and an aging lab/newfie mix (R.I.P. Buddy). As soon as we got here, we found a crappy livable apartment in a nice neighborhood (we've since upgraded), I took a job as an executive assistant with a private equity firm in Manhattan (I didn’t even know what private equity was and not sure I do now) because the money was good, the work stable, the benefits amazing, and I thought it would temporary. You know, a day job to make the dream possible while we toiled away at “making it” – him as an artist and me as a writer or lawyer. Four years later and I am still at the same job. He’s “making it” or something like that and my writing has been sporadic at best. Oh, and law school? It got nixed. Maybe I’ll tell you about that one day after a couple glasses bottles of wine.

There have been a couple of now abandoned blogs, a drafted manuscript, a couple short stories – all drawing from some form of funk and dysfunction in my life or the fact that we are so poor we live on $12 a day in one of the most expensive cities in the world – but what remains consistent is that I wake up every day in Brooklyn and there is always something to say about life here.

Gush Gallery was my first and best attempt to commit to practice writing everyday but as these things go, I couldn’t afford to keep up the URL and I admittedly suck at HTML. There have been a few other blogs since, but as I’ve mentioned I am really good at starting blogs and abandoning them (it’s always good to recognize your faults as something other than a major character flaw isn’t it?). It is likely I will do this again, but until then, welcome to My Brooklyn Lyfe. You can also follow me on Twitter, or not. It’s your life, people.

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