Sunday, July 25, 2010

Inter(view) Gina - Writer, Kick-Boxer, Mom

Not everything on here is about me. I mean, the biggest factor in making Brooklyn "Brooklyn" is its people and I am just one of millions. Therefore, I found it prudent to ask a handful of them a few questions.

Gina de la Chesnaye is a writer, kick-boxing and yoga enthusiast. She also surfs, has two gorgeous little girls, a glass blowing husband, and a cat.

MBL: Where in Brooklyn (do you live)?

Gina: Windsor Terrace (note from MBL - I too live here. It's a little hood sandwiched between Prospect Park and Greenwood Cemetery. Brownstone and limestone houses layed out on each street with it's old Irish Catholic dwellers resting on stoops in the blazing sun. We have two stops along the F line, two public elementary schools, two large catholic churches, Dub Pies, Farrell's bar for cops and fireman, and Double Windsor for all the aging hipsters in the hood. It is also rumored to be home to Steve Buscemi.)

MBL: Where do you hang: Coney Island, Prospect Park, or WIlliamsburg?

Gina: Um, Williamsburg, Ft, Greene, Carrol Gardens, Redhook and very rarely the Slope.

MBL: Brooklyn for life or love?

Gina: Both.

MBL: Best place for coffee? Food? Drinks?

Gina: Dub Pies for coffee, Mission Dolores, Union Pool (great shrimp tacos too!)and Sycamore for drinks, Grocery and Walter's for food.

Side note: Dub Pies is really the best place in all 5 Burroughs for coffee (Fine - Gorilla is 2nd best). You can take me out of Seattle, but you can't take away my coffee snobbery. All other coffee shops can blow me.

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