Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Paging Nancy Reagan

Republican tendencies notwithstanding (not me, her) I am hearkening back to my childhood days of hearing Ms. Reagan's incessant "Just Say No" campaign -- against alcohol, drugs, sex, and chocolate (ok not chocolate) and all other fun things and entertaining -- and using it help take off all these lovely unwanted pounds amassed from two babies and a nine year marriage. I mean let's face it, I live in a city that dually encourages and discourages healthy living. People walk everywhere -- to the nearest pizza parlors, hot dog stand, Mr. Frosty ice cream truck, candied nut stands -- and the city is biker friendly, and the subways are a plotted distance for the ambulatory. The problem is, I am really good at saying "no" to others:
"Mom, can I have a piece of candy?" - No,
"Mom, can I get a kid's car?" - No,
"Joey, can I get a coke?" - No,
"Joey, can I get a bottle of scotch?" - No,
"Joey, can I go to a strip club?" - No,
but not to myself:
"Joelle, you want a cookie?" YES!,
See what I mean?
(Btw, these are excerpts from real conversations)
If that little word come so easy for all the little people in my life, why in the world can't it come from me to the area where I need it most? I can do it. I can just say no.

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